Saturday, April 6, 2013

The first entry

Here is my first ever blog post. Since we have decided to adopt again, there may be some people reading this who don't know us very's likely that you may be reading this thinking you know me too well...bear with the introduction.  Eric and I have been married for going on 9 years...I had to think about that for a minute...we have experienced many things in those short years and sometimes it seems like it must be longer... I don't say that in any way but positively...I married my best friend...these experiences we've had we're/are God-planned...I'm just glad He gave me someone like Eric to journey through them with...that may be the one of the most grammatically incorrect sentences ever. Oh well.
So, we have adopted twice--our older children -Isaiah and Annie-  began their lives in foster care....their stories, they are their own...they are amazing...they are living testimonies of God's individual care of children-living examples that Father God will go to great lengths to rescue just one little lamb.  They are just 7 months apart and act like twins. We homeschool them and love that. It works well for our family.  We began he adoption process without much knowledge; just an understanding that first Isaiah and then Annie needed our family- that they were designed to be ours.  Since then, we have learned much about attachment, attachment disorders and all the other things that come along with adoption.  Isaiah came into or home when e was 15 months old and Annie came a year after when she was 2.
Our little baby Eva was born to us nearly 2 years ago. She and Isaiah share the very same birthday- exactly 6 years apart.  Many people have asked us if we adopted because we didn't think we could have children biologically. Nope, that was not our reason. For us, we simply saw children in need.  Baby Eva...she very much enjoys her role as the "baby" in our home. She's beautiful and strong-willed.  Like the other two, she fits well into our family and we don't know what we'd do without her.
She makes the most amazing cat sound and loves to tell you about cows. She will be 2 on Thursday so aha getting some extra practice in asserting her own ideas...just so she's ready for her birthday.
So, we are adopting again. This time from a far away land.  We saw this little boy on Reece's rainbows and couldn't stop thinking about him.  It's amazing how quickly you can feel the beginnings of attachment to a child you have never met. I have his country on my phone so I can check the weather, I know what time it is for him there. I worry about him and wonder about what he is doing to fill his time; is he warm?; well fed?; healthy?  I'm afraid that the answer to most of those questions is not favorable and so I want him to be here. I picture what our family will be like with another's a good picture.
We are looking at doing a fireworks stand this summer to raise money to help with the expenses.  If you think you can help us with that would you let us know?  We might need a little help.
We watched the final 4 game "watch," I mean we DVR it, pause to get food and drink and change diapers, pause to remind the kids how to quietly play or watch the game PLEASE!!!! And then fast forward through all the commercials so we can make the most of our's hard to watch anything with three kids! Oh well, we got the alma mater lost.
Ok, I'm getting the idea of the blog...Eric designed it, didn't he do a good job? I will keep you updated on our adoption and if anything else exciting happens to us!


  1. I will be reading your journey and praying daily for your little family!! Love your heart and passion. Bless you all!